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Date:2015-02-18 16:52:21


The composite industry in China
Sustainable Development of Chinese Composite Industry 
The Chinese composite market has been developed rapidly and stably with a double-digit increase
rate per annum. China has become one of the largest production and consumption country of unsaturated polyester resin and epoxy resin in the world.

Rapid development of new materials and high tech composite

▲ Projects on carbon fiber & products and other high performance fibers have been involved in several National Key
Program of China. China can produce its own carbon, aramid and other high performance fibers not sole depending on the importation. 
▲ Strong market demand as the driving force to stimulate and to accelerate the development and application of carbon fiber in China.
▲China has strongly accepted advanced fabrication technology and equipment to promote the production efficiency and quality, reduce materials and energy consumption, reduce the impact to the environment, and industrialize the recycle technology for composite materials.
▲The Chinese manned space shuttle and large aircraft programs provides great opportunities for the development of advanced composite materials and the related technologies.

Largest wind energy market in the world

China has become the largest wind energy market, the total installed capacity by the end of 2010 has reached 44733 MW, and the added capacity in the year of 2010 is up to 18900MW which is account for50% of global addition; It is expected that the total installed capacity in 2020 wouldbe 200,000 MW.

Prospective market potential in next five year

▲Mainly Developing Composites Products and Equipment in related to Building & Construction, Energy and Environment Protection, Transportation, Aeronautics and Aerospace etc. Especially Paying Attention on Advanced Materials’ Basic Research and Application R &D in the field of new energy, Offshore Oil, Power Construction, Environment Protection and Carbon Fiber Composites.

▲Expanding Advanced Composites Application on Aeronautics & Aerospace, Transportation, Wind Power, New Energy, Renewable Energy, Offshore Oil and Smart Grid through independent innovation and integration innovation.

▲The output of composite products will be much improved. Annual growth rate will be higher than 9%. It is predicted that total output of FRP will reach 6 million tons including 3.7 million tons of FRSP and 2.3 million tons of FRTP.


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